“AVA company” has already established itself as a company that produces high quality products made from Siberian birch. We have been successfully present on the market since 2007 and we continue developing, expanding our product line and improving the quality of products. Our brand Siberian Birch has gained its recognition in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.

Not by chance, we chose birch wood as our material. Western Siberian birch is well known for its uniqueness and high quality because it grows under severe climate conditions. More severe the climate conditions and temperature fluctuations are, the higher is the quality of wood. Moreover, Siberian birch has a unique milky-white colour. Nowhere in the world you will find wood of such colour and purity. Therefore, our products have high durability and are ecologically pure.

Birch wood is also known for its healing properties. It exudes positive energy that heals both physical and emotional wounds. Thus, by choosing our company, you do not only purchase a product of high quality, ecological purity and aesthetic beauty but also you get energized and improve your health.




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