Woodworking includes:


  • section of planing;
  • section  of optimization;
  • section for the production of edge-glued panels
  • flooring line;
  • auxiliary manufacturing for wooden packing and pallets production


Lumber that comes out of the drying chamber is sent either to the area of refinement or directly to the chipping area. During this process, dry timber is cut across the width based on specified parameters. The main task of this operation unit is to reveal defects located under the wood surface and also to bring smoothness to lumber which facilitates avoiding errors in further processing.

The purpose of this section - open defects located under the top layer of wood, as well as to give smooth timber exceptions fail to execute the following operations

The purpose of the optimization processing is to cut the board with defects in order to produce dimension boards (DC) of a specific length. There are two sections - manual and fully automated. WoodEye scanner automatically checks the timber and its quality at a high speed in accordance with parameters and grades specified by a customer. This cannot be achieved by testing wood manually. By the end of the processing, the following products are produced: dimension boards (DC), DC for edge-glued panels production, DC for flooring production, DC for finishing. 

All the products manufactured at the optimization section are sent to the warehouse for finished products, or being used for further production of flooring or edge-glued panels.