The total amount of AVA company’s forest resources is about 9.5 million cubic meters. The predominant forest species is birch. Forestry and crosscutting is carried out right in the forest by a system of mechanized John Deer and Volvo felling and skidding tractors.

The annual capacity of timber is 250 thousand cubic meters. During the crosscutting process saw logs, for manufacturing lumber and firewood, are produced. 



Harvesting methods are based on various criteria, but the most common one is the delivery term of timber (logging) from the forestry area (rollers) until the loading on lumber truck. 

Among the most common methods of harvesting, "AVA Company" uses the following three:

  • assortment harvesting
  • tree-length loggin
  • mixed harvesting


Computational Tree Logic (CTL): Scandinavian mechanized method includes logging by using harvester + forwarder, or harwarder that combines the functions of both machines. The harvester’s capping performs several functions: felling, tree trimming, and cutting to assortments. The assortment method can also include hand-held felling, tree trimming and crosscutting. Skidding is carried out by forwarder or skidder.

Whiplash method: For whiplash method, the following technological chain is used: felling, tree trimming in the forest (by using delimber or chainsaw) and skidding of stems until the loading on lumber truck. This method is especially convenient for large trunks because skidding productivity depends on the size of a trunk.

Mixed method: By using mixed method of harvesting, tree stand is produced by special felling machine (based on an excavator). It is allowed to do the felling by using the processor’s capping. The cut trunk is transported (vertically) to a bundle by a harvester. The processor’s capping also carries out the cutting process, which includes tree trimming and timber sawing (so-called cross-cutting) into logs (assortments) of a set length.