Firewood was, and still remains the most reliable, affordable, rapidly renewable, environmentally pure and safe type of fuel; especially birch firewood. 


  • Chopped firewood is a finished product. Nowadays, chopped firewood is used for heating wooden country houses, as well as for fireplaces. The slight crackling and the pleasant aroma, they emit while burning, cannot be confused with anything, and it creates an enjoyable atmosphere of warmth and comfort.


  • Longitude firewood is fuelwood, which is a circular section of the top of the whip (purified from the branches of a fallen tree trunk), with a diameter of 16 cm or less.


  • Dry wood-cutting lumber (lump waste). These are small size trimming planks and lumber. Usually, this lumpy waste is used as fuel for domestic and industrial furnaces.


  • Croaker


  • Cutting


  • Sale of low-quality wood for further coal processing.