Welcome to the world of Siberian birch!


Thank you for your interest in our company.


               The world’s best birch grows in West Siberia, 

               It is as beautiful as the vast Russian expanses,

               It is as bright as our thoughts,

               It is as strong as the spirit of Russian people

              "Siberian birch” grow with us, love with us, rejoice with us, win with us.

               We do our best for you to have a piece of Russian nature in your home! 


“Ava company” LLC is engaged in deep wood processing, starting from harvesting, sawing and until producing edged lumber of any sections with further drying and manufacturing of lumber, wood mouldings (custom-made), edge-glued panels, dimension components, flooring, furniture, etc.


The company’s philosophy:


Since ancient times in Russia, birch has been revered as a symbol of love and beauty, poetical Russian sorrows, and the country as a whole. Based on these old traditions, our company has successfully implemented a new approach to birch wood, as having no analogues for such construction material and material for making furniture. We have set a task to ourselves to offer our consumers inexpensive, but high-quality products made of solid birch. This birch will have a positive impact on people’s lifestyle and their way of thinking.

Being closer to nature and respecting traditions does not only mean to produce ecologically pure products, but also to fit perfectly the entire production chain along with the environment. The company is committed to implement strictly all the necessary activities for the forest restoration and enhancement of tree conservation, including all its habitants.

The mission of “Ava company” LLC is to produce high quality products that meet international standards.

“AVA company” manufactures high quality products of Siberian birch under the SIBERIAN BIRCH trademark.


The main objectives of AVA company are:

  1. AVA Company produces high-quality products made of Siberian birch under the brand name "SIBERIAN BIRCH".
  2. We value our reputation
  3. Our priorities are quality, service and responsible forest management.
  4. We meet all the international quality standards that distinguish our company among others
  5. We take a leading position in manufacturing products made of such a unique material as birch.
  6. Our production process is vertically integrated starting from harvesting till the delivery to our final consumers
  7. AVA Company makes huge investments in order to keep our leading position in production of high-quality products.
  8. We believe that by producing high-quality products, we grow and we help our partners to grow with us.