In Omsk “Ava company” enterprise can produce children’s furniture made of environmentally friendly Siberian birch solid. The manufacturing process begins with the harvesting and ends with the release of the finished product, which has the international certification of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which is a guarantee of the highest quality standard.
Creating a room for your child is an intresting and responsible job. Children’s room is a world where the baby will live after his mother’s womb and the walls of the hospital. Despite the fact that the baby is completely dependent of the mother, he  still needs own space. Buy a crib, a changing table and Dresser for baby things in advance. Baby grows so fast! And, perhaps there is no room in the House which will be the subject of so many changes and realignments, as children’s room.
“Ava company” experts advise: bought for your child furniture should be not only inexpensive, bright and beautiful, but also multifunctional. Do not obstruct the room — leave enough space for the games. You can install a real playhouse, if the space allows.
Employees of “Ava company” offers caring parents crib for infants, changing tables, toddler beds (including a bunk), chairs-transformers, tables, chairs and stools, shelves. Ecological cleanliness of natural wood, the absence of sharp corners, reliability of fastening structures and natural durability of Siberian birch, which grown up in the taiga of Eastern Siberia — a pledge that your child will grow up in comfort and safety.