The basis of any ecological production is a non-waste technology. This is the efficient way of environmental protection from the harmful effects of industrial enterprises. With the continuous growth of tariffs, the energy saving problem becomes even more relevant. In this regard, the use of energy waste by woodworking enterprises is not only one of the most promising ways to reduce the cost of heat and improve production efficiency, but also an integral activity of responsible forest management at the level of harvested wood processing.

"AVA Company" developed and implemented a range of technical measures, resulting in maximum reduction of the amount of harmful emissions as well as of the impact of waste on the environment.

Thus, a boiler with a capacity of 5 MW, located in the factory in Omsk, runs entirely on the production waste - wood chips. Water, heated to 70-115 degrees Celsius, is used as a heat-transfer.  

However, the following are the distinctive features of these objects:

  • reliability and continuous running at low cost of thermal energy production;
  • ecological purity of generated heat (from the combustion of one cubic meter of wood chips as much carbon dioxide is released as it would be released from the decay of the same one cubic meter);
  • availability of fuel and its unlimited and naturally renewable volume.


There is also a relatively low cost of the modernization of existing oil-fired and coal-fired boilers that run on wood chips.

In recent years, because of the increase of prices on energy sources and tightening of environmental legislation, usage of boilers with furnaces are more attractive from economic and environmental point of view. These boilers are made for wood waste combustion of various distillation characteristics that do not have a negative impact on the environment while burning.

Annual verifications, (based on the field research) about the concentrations of pollutants in the surface layers of the atmosphere that do not exceed the permissible level and meet the requirements on the content of harmful substances in the air, are the result of complex environmental activities, organized by "AVA company" LLC. The overlay of sanitary-hygienic zone on residential area does not occur.