The world's largest B2B Internet platform for manufacturing enterprises, factories and exporters. This website is an online exhibition platform or in other words, social network, where each participant has his own profile and can post information about his products and services, and contact details.



BLIZKO.ru is a number one internet platform in Russia (according to LiveInternet) that has over 7 000 000 monthly active users. For buyers, BLIZKO.ru is a huge online “shopping mall” that offers goods and services from local businesses. There you can find all the information about discounts and sales, search for products and businesses, find convenient city map and more. For sellers, BLIZKO.ru provides an opportunity to create an on-line store in 5 minutes. The advantage for online stores at BLIZKO.ru is that the website already has millions of buyers. You only need to choose your point of sales, post information about products and services and get ready to meet your customers. 



Allbiz is an international marketplace for E-Commerce, supporting 26 languages and running 24/7. Today the project joints the markets of 90 countries and features information about more than 20 million products and services from 1.3 million companies from all over the world. Allbiz gives its visitors an opportunity for simple search of goods and services internationally, locally and regionally. Allbiz provides sellers with an online marketplace for promotion and finding target audience. 



Pulscen is the leading online marketplace for buying and selling goods and services for industrial and construction purposes. Activities are carried out in Russia and in CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus). Links for products and services are well indexed by search engines (Yandex, Google and others).



Tiu.ru is an internet portal for goods and services, and is a unique marketplace for Russia with a website builder. Tiu.ru gives buyers an opportunity to choose from a large number of products, and allows sellers to post information about their products and services. Today, over 721 847 companies have created their websites on Tiu.ru and have placed over 11 466 459 goods and services in the catalogue. Tiu.ru is visited by more than 13% of the Runet audience. Tiu.ru has over 500 specialists, out of whom approximately 180 are maintenance and consulting managers, experts in e-commerce and online store development. We have representatives in 25 regions and federal subjects of the Russian Federation.



Fordaq is the leading online marketplace for industry professionals. More than 110 000 forest industry professionals (manufacturers, sawmill plants, veneer and panel producers, importers and large industrial consumers) have become members of the Fordaq network. Many of the largest European companies that work in forest industry are members of Fordaq. Fordaq has offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Poland and China. Fordaq’s website is daily visited by more than 30000 companies. On average, website traffic has a 10% monthly growth. Every day, more and more companies realize how incredibly helpful Fordaq is and join Fordaq.