Finger jointed edge glued panel is a slab material made of solid or finger jointed lamellas glued together on a smooth fugue. We offer panels of 4 types of grades: A/B, A/C, B/C and C/C.  The first letter defines the grade of the face side surface, the second letter designates the quality level of the reverse side.


Description of edge glued panels' quality 

  • Grade A has a smooth milky-white color with a slight pinkish tint. This grade is ideal for covering the panel with colourless varnish. We recommned to use... read more 


  • Grade B can be covered with colorless varnish as well as with toned one. It compromises the outer rigor and beauty of... read more 


  • Grade C we recommend using grade C in case a final product is being toned, or if a customer wishes to put emphasis... read more


FJEG panels are used for decoration of wall panels, cabinets and kitchens, for ceilings and walls cladding, for production of sills and stairs. These panels are widely used in furniture industry (doors, panels, countertops, tables, shelves, etc.).


All the products are made of Siberian birch solid wood, and the usage of ecologically pure glue makes our products absolutely safe. Strict requirements for panels quality guarantee high durability and reliability.