Chips, made on chippers, are used as fuel in the boilers (fuel chips), gas generators, during the manufacturing process of fuel briquettes, pellets; for the production of chipboard, fiberboard, cement-bonded boards, particle boards, wood-plastic composites; for fuming; decorative wood chips are used for gardens and parks decorations. Chips are produced during the manufacturing process and are used for heating the factory of “AVA company”. Practice has proved the theory - birch chips are quite suitable as fuel for the boiler and allow reducing the cost of heat, which is supplied to organizations and people. Moreover, birch chips, which by their nature do not contain tannins, may be suitable for mulching. Chips are delivered free of sawdust.

The usage of wood chips and sawdust as fuel solves the problem of timber waste disposal. Whilst modern technologies and a high level of boilers automation provide high quality and eco-friendly wood waste burning.

 "Ava company" uses two methods of production and transportation of wood chips:


1. Getting the wood chips directly on the plot. Logging residues are crushed into wood chips at the deforestation spot in special shredding machines.


2. Crushing and grinding directly at the woodworking shop.