In the year of 2004, it was decided to build the largest wood processing plant in Russia, that only specializes in deep processing of birch wood - "AVA company".

The construction work began in the industrial zone of the city of Omsk. As well as in the settlement of Atak in Tarski district of the Omsk region, where the company has set up its branch called "Ataksky timber industry".

By the fall of 2006, the first machinery, which included sawing frame of the German company EWD that processes up to 60 thousand cubic meters of birch sawlogs per year, started operating. Moreover, the first batch of uncut birch lumber was produced. The number of employees in the II quarter of 2006 amounted to 278 people.

In May of 2007, a private railway line that is adjoined to the warehouse was put into operation. Thus, the company had an opportunity to load up to 6 cars.

In August 2007, the rasping section, equipped with a four-sided machine of German company Weinig with a total capacity of more than 25 thousand cubic meters of planed lumber per year, started its operation. 

In September 2007, the reconstruction of industrial buildings and equipment in the settlement of Atak was completed. The capacity of the sawmill in the branch of "AVA company" ("Ataksky timber industry"), allowed to process more than 40 thousand cubic meters of birch sawlogs per year.

The official plant opening ceremony took place on November 15th, 2007.

On the same day, new sawmill system of German company EWD of conveyer-type equipment with capacity of 50 thousand cubic meters of birch sawlogs and dryers with a total volume of 1200 cubic meters (of one-time load) were put into operation.

Thus, in less than a year (beginning from the start of the first machinery operation), a wood processing plant that has no analogues in Russia and Europe, and has all the needed infrastructure and resources, was built and put into operation. This operation process includes the following stages:


Our plant became the first enterprise in Russia that has the equipment for drying birch timber based on the technology that eliminates the subsequent product deformation.

In March 2008, the company became the official member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) of North America.

In May 2008, we made the first shipment of high-grade lumber to the US. That proved that foreign buyers had confirmed the high quality of our products, known in the market under the «Siberian Birch» brand name. In the same month, the first shipment of furniture board to Austria was made.

In August 2008, mass-volume shippings of dimension components were exported. Our buyers were Italian furniture manufacturers that are known as furniture trendsetters.

In October 2008, the first mass-volume shippings of dimension components were made to the Czech Republic, to the world’s most famous furniture manufacturer - IKEA.

In November 2008, the mechanized logging unit, equipped with a new logging machine made by international group John Deer, started its operation.

In December 2008, the plant completely switched to 24/7 operational mode. In the same month, the company’s furniture boards were certified. On December 15th, 2008 the company received a conformance certificate of due form № 0932804

In February 2009, the total investments in the company amounted to $65 million. The annual production capacity of harvesting reached 180 thousand cubic meters, annual sawmilling capacity - 140 thousand cubic meters, annual capacity of wood processing- 70 thousand cubic meters.

The total amount of forest resources of the enterprise is about 9.5 million cubic meters. Birch is the predominant tree species. The total capacity of our logging is more than 250 thousand cubic meters per year. The number of employees in the main plain and company’s subsidiaries amounted to 625 people.

In April 2009, the flooring line of a German company SHROEDER that specializes in production of birch flooring and solid wood flooring was put into operation.

In summer 2009, we received certificates for block parquet of due form № 1084910 and for solid wood flooring of due form № 1084911.

Also in June 2009, the shareholders of “AVA company" made a decision to make additional investments in production capacity.

In the beginning of September 2009, we made our first mass-volume shipment of flooring to USA

In September 2009 we received the international FSC certificate, which confirms that we manage the forest responsibly. GFA-FM / COC-001729 certificate was also received.

By the end of the year of 2009, our production expanded in several directions:

  • the second phase of the furniture board production started operating (all the equipment produced by German company WEINIG). By introducing new facilities, the total production volume of birch furniture boards increased up to 5000 cubic meters per year;
  • installation and launch of additional chamber drying ovens of Austrian company MUHLBOCK with total volume of 240 cubic meters in a single load;
  • thermal cameras for manufacturing thermomodified birch were put into operation;
  • the plant for the production of furniture made of solid birch (using the machinery system of Italian company BACCI) started operating on the commissioning mode.


Winter 2010 - "AVA company"’s project was added to the list of priority investment projects of the Russian Federation.

Fall 2010 - "AVA company" became a member of National Wood Flooring Association.

End of 2012 - an increase in logging volume, renewal of logging equipment with advanced Volvo Forwarder systems. In total, more than 50 million rubles were invested into the equipment, allowing to increase the stocking volume of raw materials.

At the end of 2012 "AVA company" purchased 11 units of MAN vehicles: 4 powertrucks, 7 timber-carrying semitrailers and 5 trucks equipped with manipulators.

In December 2012, "AVA company" signed a contract with IKEA, one of the world's largest retail chains selling furniture and home furnishings.

From the beginning of 2014, the company started the production of new products. For that, "AVA company" purchased the following equipment:

  • Friulmac Idramat (Italy) – processing system. It was purchased specifically for production of BEKVÄM Stepstool chair pieces.
  • WoodEye (Sweden). The purpose of this scanner is to eliminate wood defects and thereby increase efficiency through higher productivity.
  • Opticut 450 Quantumiigrecon (Germany)


Since August 2014, "AVA company" became a consigner and consignee of its cargoes and cargoes of other organizations in 20-40 feet containers in all export-import directions, in all areas of Russia. In addition, it can provide services such as loading, unloading, customs clearance of goods in large-capacity containers from our railway line, which is adjacent to the railway station Plamya of West Siberian railway line. This is the branch of JSC "Russian Railways".

In the fall of 2014 the company completely renewed the planing machines and lines for the production of furniture boards.

Total investments in the "AVA Company", since the beginning of its operation, increased by 2 times.

By the end of 2014, leasing area amounted to over 100 thousand hectares. The amount of the leased forest area estimated to be more than 9.5 million cubic meters. The AAC (Annual Allowable Cut) is 277.6 thousand cubic meters.

In the I half year of 2014, 16 350 cubic meters of lumber were produced: 14 110 cubic meters of dry lumber, 1 040 cubic meters of birch flooring, 717 cubic meters of birch board, graded materials - 699 cubic meters, dimension components - 949 cubic meters. Besides, the company produced 188 furniture positions and for IKEA company produced 166,110 furniture positions, according to the signed contract.

The number of employees in the I half year of 2014 amounted to 492 people, including 82 people - in the branches.

Average wage in the I half year of 2014 was about 28 000 rubles.

In 2014, "AVA Company" was recognized as the industry leader in the Omsk region.

Since 2009 "AVA company" is an FSC-certified enterprise that has two international certificates - a certificate of forest management (FM) and a chain of custody certificate (CoC).

Since 2008 "AVA company" has been a participant of the following Russian and international exhibitions and conferences: 

  • International exhibition "WH Working With Wood 2008", Bermingham, UK;
  • International exhibition "WOODEX 2008", Moscow, Russia;
  • International exhibition "14 International Furniture Woodworking Machinery, Components & Raw Materials", Dalian, China;
  • Russian national exhibition "VTTV - Omsk - 2009" 
  • Exhibition of green building and design "Flora" (annually);
  • Siberian agrotechnical fair "AgroOmsk" (annually);
  • International building and interior exhibition "SibBuild" (annually);
  • International exhibition "EkoGorodEkspo" (annually);
  • Exhibition-conferene "NHLA Convention and Exhibition" (National Hardwood Lumber Association, USA) (annually);
  • "25th International Economic and Trade Fair", Harbin, China


Over the years, "AVA Company" has been organizing charity events:

  • In 2012, “AVA company” produced and donated children furniture to the Orphanage № 5, located at 11a, Fugenfirova street.
  • In 2014, the company purchased sports equipment and 10 sets of sports training uniforms for biathletes from "Junior sports school" of Tarski's municipal area of Omsk region. The company also supplied consumable materials to BOW "Gymnasium № 139" (Omsk).


By the year of 2014, the company expanded its partner map and entered the following markets: Hungary, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Austria, China, USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, England, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden.