Recently, the cutting wood art is gaining popularity, because the wood is very affordable and inexpensive material. Products made of wood-are huge list: it’s all sorts of souvenirs, paintings, personal engraving products, cutting of furniture workpieces and much more.

Laser engraving is widely used in wood processing. Coating with images or inscriptions , using laser engraving on the surface of tree ennobles and decorates any wood product. Using a laser on the tree, you can put the image more clear than with any other method Properties of wood make it possible to produce contour laser cutting wood and produce thin decorative elements.

LLC “Ava company” provides services for laser cutting and engraving. The company has its own manufacturing facility and works with materials such as wood, plywood, Plexiglas, plastics, MDF, hardboards.

“Ava company” manufactures the following products: badges, business cards, wood office plaques, souvenirs, jewelry, gifts and much more.