Birch is perhaps the most common tree in Russia, that grows in the nothern and central parts of the country.

Talking about birch, associatively, we represent images of Russian bath with a birch broom, mischievous kids in sandals, drinking birch sap and golden-haired beauty, collecting berries in a basket on meadow, filled with sunshine.

But due to technological advances, we have stepped far beyond the Russian folklore. Thousands of items using in many areas of production are received of birch

Flooring is more than just a finishing material. This is style and comfort, this is the atmosphere in the House and its mood of its owners.

Like many lumber, flooring sorted by quantity of knots, cutting method and the availability of sapwood — sites with low wood density.

These characteristics affect the behavior of materials in the process of exploitation. The service life depends not only on quality, but also of the breed of wood. For example, solid wood is more durable than soft. So, Birch is a more stable and mature material.

Balcony and loggia is not only extra space in the apartment of a bicycle storage room, ski or empty cans out of home preserves.

It is nice place, just to retire at the warm season after workday. Finishing materials will create the mood of this room.

In fact, the history of construction started with the tree. This democratic and fertile material. With the development of technology it was not forget, but even took a special place. In modern wooden houses, those flaws which were inevitable 100 or even 50 years ago are already absent. But no other artificial material does not possess those characteristics, which a simple log have.

The house cosiness is combination of individual parts. We will always be pleased to return to the house built by our own project. And it often happens that one element makes the whole interior finished stylistically.

The original wooden country plot fence, will be a magnificent frame for the same architectural structures on the site. Simple design techniques will turn an ordinary fence in stylish and modern item of total landscape ensemble. So in addition to practical function is to defend the territory and being a support for climbing plants-fence can perform  decorative and aesthetic function.

A tent made of blankets, thrown over the ironing-board; an earth-house, appointed under the table; a fortress constructed from pillows – in the hierarchy of children’s secluded corners, the tree house takes the top place, which still remains an unreachable dream for most people.