Industry keeps developing and in order to meet the growing needs, people started inventing and using polymers. They started producing toys made of plastic materials. Bricks for kids have become not only colourful and cheap, but also very light. The only problem of these toys is their negative impact on our health.

Plastic toys are produced at highly toxic factories, while harming the environment. During the direct contact with a child, such toys might be dangerous for his health. For a very long time wooden toys were only purchased as souvenirs and were not played with. However, recently, wooden toys are gaining back their popularity due to the increase in demand for ecological children’s products. Natural wood is an ecologically pure material that does not cause allergies and prevents a kid from inhaling toxic emissions from synthetic materials.

Wooden toys are more durable and better in quality. Wooden toys cannot be broken or damaged so your baby will always be free to play and create.

Psychologists say that simple by its form wooden toys have better influence on a child than more complex plastic toys. Child can build a house made of wooden bricks and then fantasize about its external and internal decorations. While playing with a plastic toy house, which has already been designed by a manufacturer, a child gets bored because there is no more room left for imagination.


Children products made of birch:

  • classic wooden bricks;
  • finger mazes to manual dexterity and logic;
  • logical toys that will help your child learn math and develop intelligence;
  • various toys that will teach a kid how to count.


Wooden toys are much more durable compared to plastic ones. Try to have a large number of various educational toys, so your child can grow and develop in different directions. Give the kid an opportunity to try everything and choose what he likes the most.


Furniture for preschool institutions


Furniture, designed for preschool institutions is divided into three categories:

  • bedroom furniture;
  • dining room furniture;
  • playroom furniture.


The main furniture pieces are chairs, tables and beds. In any kindergarten, there is a special room with all the lockers for children’s shoes, clothes and other belongings.

Furniture that includes wardrobes, shelves and other furniture pieces, is manufactured for kindergartens’ playrooms. It makes it easier for children to have an access to toys, books and other educational items.

Dining room furniture includes chairs and tables that are of specific height and size in accordance with children’s age.


Furniture for schools


Safety is the most important criterion for children’s furniture. All the components that are used in the production of tables and chairs must be ecological. It is also important for table and chair seat edges to be rounded and plastic. The surface must be well treated, and protruding parts must be removed. Despite the fact that square metal frame is steady, round frame looks more elegant and is safe.

Custom-made children’s furniture must be comfortable. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on a child’s spine and eye-sight if it is not proportionate to his height and body size. Moreover, it has to be ecological, hence, safe.