Currently, the majority of developed countries advance alternative energy sources because we face the problem of energy scarcity more and more often. The “war” for the energy sources is becoming one of the most significant factors that influence the development of international relations and global politics.

Under these circumstances, the method of generating energy by using non-conventional and renewable sources is becoming the most popular one. The following is the prediction for efficient usage of biofuels:

  • the decline in consumption of hydrocarbon fossil fuels;
  • recycling;
  • zero balance of CO2 is respected;
  • highly effective fertilizer is an additional processing product;
  • decentralized heat and electric power supply of consumers.


Currently, "Ava company" LLC offers raw materials for production of fuel granules, as well as for wood chips production.

Wood chips is a product made by shredding solid wood or wood waste. Wood chips can be used in various ways. Most commonly, wood chips are used as a raw material for paper industry and as fuel. Moreover, wood chips will be demanded by industrial enterprises for manufacturing particleboards, fiberboards, pellets and briquettes, or as mulch in gardening.

The heating value of wood chips is important if they are used as fuel. Since the heating value depends on the wood moisture level, then the lower the moisture level, the higher the value of wood chips (as fuel).