In 1997 year German master woodcarver, Marco Buschner (Marko Buschner) assembled wooden motorcycle, within five months and spent less than 1000 marks. The motorcycle weight is 150 kg, length 2.95 m, width-1.35. Installed motor MZ TS 150 with a volume of 150 cc. and with a capacity of 11 horsepower. Wooden bike can theoretically be dispersed up to 70 km/h, but in practice the maximum speed was 55 km/h.


This bike was manufactured of wood by Portuguese Carpenter Carlos Alberto.


Tractor István Puskás from Hungary built a real wood chopper. For two years, was created a unique motorcycle,but with Fiat engine from small car and all the same details were made of metal. But the whole frame, rims and spokes wheels were made of wood. Steering wheel was made of bovid horns.


Gottlieb Daimler created his first motorcycle, a wooden motorcycle. The first successful test of a motorcycle was passed on the 10th of November, in 1885.








Wista Field 45

No, this is not a representative of the world first cameras. This high-tech large-format camera, made of cherry wood and brass alloy. Manufacturer equips the model bright frosted glass with a Fresnel lens. These machines produced in Japan, each costs 980 euros and only under the order.


Sigma SD1

10 thousand euros for a professional camera in a housing made of handmade ornamental tree root with solid wood — Amboina. German company Sigma has released this limited edition model, specialists spent 60 hours for each camera’s wood processing. Collectors got only 10 rare instances. The model has matrix with 3-layer Foveon X3 sensor with approximately 15-20 megapixels each that together gives permission in 46 Mpcs. But, users have complained that the white balance in such an expensive device is shifted toward red.




Looks like a layout of a professional SLR camera, a gadget called the “Not a camera” is actually a thin body made of walnut tree,with the chip from “soap dish”. American women- Olivia Barr created it specifically for its 101-year-old grandmother, who enjoys photography. The device is a full-featured camera — supports microSD cards, shoots HD video and equipped with a microUSB connector. For Autonomous work of camera meets the battery with capacity of 250mah.




Olympus 3D-wooden

So far, none of the manufacturers could not outrun the creation of Olympus, which was introduced back in 2006 year. Camera clothed in Japanese cypress, at that time riveted the attention of everyone who is related to photography. Engineers used the “three-dimensional” way of compressing, when pressure on the body comes from all the sides, bringing natural resins to the surface, which serve as the glue. However,camera wasn’t sent in series production.



Disposable Ikea Knappa

Famous brand Ikea is not so far behind in the development of environmentally sound products. Cardboard camera designed for 40 shots, after which you will have to give it for recycling. Gadget works by two AAA batteries, is equipped with a USB port for PC connection, 2-megapixel camera and 7 MB of internal memory.


Source: Ŝetnikov, A.

Photo-wood//forest complex in Siberia. -2014. - №3. -P. 52-53.