Birch is a beautiful and useful tree, as well as the most common tree in the Russian forests. For a long time birch wood and bark used in agriculture, and the taste of birch juice familiar for everyone since childhood. Poets praised birch in poems and songs.

Birch wood and sugar are used in folk medicine to cure alcoholism long before traditional treatment methods. Birch has long been regarded as "green doctor". The list of ills that treated with bark, juice and kidney is very impressive. No wonder that birch revere as the tree of life and health.

Traditional healers used birch firewood and sugar to cure craving for alcohol. Despite this unusual combination of ingredients, causing confusion for many skeptics among the multitude of folk recipes it has deserved the trust as a reliable tool, proven by many doctors.

To achieve the desired effect, you should liberally sprinkle with sugar 1-2 kg of dry Birch firewood, put them into bonfire or fireplace and let the firewood to fold up. The flames need to pay off and give the patient some time to breathe with the smoke. Then offer 100 grams of vodka. The subsequent reaction, usually causes a person to permanently unsubscribe from drinking alcohol.

The use of birch sap has unquestionable profit for blood pressure. This drink has unique characteristics that enable you to adjust the pressure level even during pregnancy. Moreover this medication is different with pleasant taste, does not require long preparatory work and considerable financial expenses. It is a universal tool that strengthens the walls of blood vessels, heart muscle, resupplies of vitamins in the body, and at the same time favorably acts on the kidney system.

Birch is often referred as the tree of life. Almost all parts of the tree are used in healing. Since time immemorial it has been associated with fertility and healing magic, Birch branches used to confer fertility not only soil, but also cattle and honeymooners. Birch tree (in almost all countries of Europe!) was used for making a cradle for newborns.


Symbolically and magically Birch appears as a protection against all misfortunes, both physical and spiritual. Birch is extremely helpful and very favorable for healing spells, curses aimed at strengthening the harvest.

Birch is gentle and compassionate, has a very soft, gentle and at the same time a strong influence. In contrast to the oak birch is treated the sick, weak, recovering people. It will ease the suffering will help regain lost strength, easier to reschedule a disease will speed up the healing process.

Communication with birch is useful for people with overwrought nerves and a state of depression. This tree removes fatigue, neutralizes the negative effects of everyday stress, helps restore emotional harmony. Birch, growing near the House, drives away nightmares. The impact of this tree is long lasting. It is better not to come to it, and to live side by side, then it can heal you.

Few people know about the healing properties of birch leaves,but the kidney are known for many . Birch leaf is a whole pharmacy of natural healing remedies. Unlike Birch buds the leaves do not contain resinous substances that can cause irritation of the kidneys.

In Russia quite a lot of birch species. For the treatment, you can use the leaves of the tree, growing in your area. Birch buds could be found in virtually every pharmacy and every directory, but birch leaf clearly not popular. It’s hard to believe, that not overseas exotics, but native birch and its leaves have provided invaluable assistance in the most difficult cases.


Swedish scientists offer people to come back to ancient traditions in baking bread. Studies have shown that bread baked with usage of flour, made of birch bark, is able to save from diabetes and obesity.

Bread recipes with addition of bark was widely used by the poor Swedes, like some other nations, in times of famine, when wheat and rye flour was not enough. Crusts, taken from the pines, lindens, birches and elms was grinded and generously added to the bread dough. Sometimes the bread was produced from the bark of trees and in full good years. Sami valued wood bark for vitamin c content and felt its energy source. Often it was also used for filling of liquid of cereals, cooked of rye.

In our time, the discovery by scientists of useful properties for the body of the bread make people cheering a healthy lifestyle, to buy wood flour in specializing in environmental and mineral products stores is not for economic reasons.

For the production of wood flour used phloem is a thin layer of crust, located directly at the stem of the tree. This part of the cortex, with a bitter taste, also known as lub. Usually lub collected in the spring, when the wood is saturated with juice and it becomes easy to remove the bark from the trunk. Then lub well dry and roast thoroughly until it becomes brittle enough to grind into flour.

Scientists have found that the most useful flour can be considered birch bark, where in high concentrations present betulin. This substance provides protection against obesity and helps prevent the increase of the level of cholesterol in the blood. Experiments on laboratory mice have shown the effectiveness of betulin in normalization of metabolism.

Swedish scientists during their experiment put mice on a diet with high amount of sugar and fat. At the same time, one group of mice was injected with betulin of crust, and the other statins-drugs designed to lower cholesterol, the third were given nothing nothing. Subsequent analysis showed that the first and the second group of mice gained far less extra weight than the mice from the third group. The mice from the first group burned more calories and the mice from the second group-assimilated less fat. In addition, scientists have found that betulin helped mice to decrease levels of fat in the blood, tissue and the liver. Betulin also increased the sensitivity of the organism to insulin, and thus reduces the likelihood of their diabetes. Surveillance has identified individuals, consuming betulin, reducing the risk of deposits on the walls of blood vessels.

The full report on the results of this study, researchers published in the journal Cell Metabolism. Researchers have noted that, to date, none of the existing drugs for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood cannot surpass its properties the substance contained in the birch bark.