Main sawing facilities are at the head office of the company in the city of Omsk. The sawmill owns conveyer-type equipment produced by German company «EWD» 


Drying facility consists of drying chambers of the Austrian company. Sixteen chambers, which are located at the head factory in Omsk, provide a one-time loading of about 1,400 cubic meters of edged lumber. Lumber is usually dried according to the special drying program, which insures stability in the further processing. 


After the kiln drying process, a part of the dry timber is sorted by grade and length in accordance with NHLA standards. All sorter operators pass the professional training, get a certificate and are personally responsible for assigning a grade to each board. Sorted by thickness, length and quality, lumber of different widths is packed with protective film, and is sent to consumers, or to mechanical wood processing, depending on the grade.