At all times, people care about the comfort and eco-friendliness of their home, therefore, today solid wood is often selected as the material for interior design.

At the stage of harvesting, it is difficult to determine what kind of furniture will be made of whip or assortment. Maybe from this birch an Italian kitchen or English cabinet will be made; or maybe pallets or ice cream sticks. Specialists, who know how to choose the right forestry, correctly saw, correctly sort and dry lumber, provide furniture manufacturers with components, that satisfy them by quality, size and price.

Sofa manufacturers purchase components for frames, chair manufacturers - milled components, table manufacturers – edge-glued panels, kitchen and facades manufacturers – dimension components.


"Ava company" produces:


Furniture components:

  • dimension components
  • table and chair legs
  • turned elements
  • side-bars
  • countertops
  • headboards
  • mouldings
  • facades


Interior components:

  • plinth
  • cornices
  • trims
  • corners
  • window sills
  • door elements


Ladder components:

  • stages
  • bowstring
  • handrails
  • balusters
  • pillars


Proposed and personalized products, considering the new fashionable trends, will undoubtedly be the one that you have been looking for.