Flooring grade “SELECT” embodies elegance. It is produced from selected material, which, due to the homogeneity of its structure, emphasizes the natural whiteness of Siberian birch. Flooring can be... read more




The natural beauty of birch is structured in the ”NATURE” flooring grade. It gives a modern look to a room, whilst emphasizing the preference for natural materials. This flooring grade has... read more 




Flooring  grade “COUNTRY” is an embodiment of natural beauty of Siberian birch. The natural diversity of the material’s structure, its “rawness” create a feeling of comfort and warmth, a feeling of closeness... read more





Flooring grade “MIX” that is present in different lengths has special demand, due to its excellent price-quality combination. This grade contains a mixture of products... read more 






Finger jointed flooring is made of solid wood. It looks similar to the block flooring but at much lower price. The technique of laying... read more





Floorboards of high durability can be successfully used for theater stages, and also for ballet and dancing halls. Distinctive features of this flooring type are: high durability, ecologically pure material, and... read more



Birch flooring is made of 100% ecologically pure material that is FSC certified

Our flooring provides perfect geometric shapes in combination with the soft surface texture. Special climate conditions of the area affect the formation of dense and homogeneous annual rings, that affect durability and strength of the wood.

Beauty and warmth of natural wood will make your home look more comfortable and cozy. provide you with great opportunities for creative designs.